The Book of Comforts: Simple, Powerful Ways to Comfort Your Spirit, Body, and Soul by Patricia Alexander and Michael Burgos. (Blue Epiphany, $19.95, Hardcover.)

     Comfort is more than a craving shared by people of all ages, races, occupations, lifestyles, and religious beliefs. It's a universal need. Sadly, in today's world of relentless demands, pervasive pressures, and looming doom, comfort has been reduced to a superficial quick-fix: junk food, alcohol, meaningless sex.

     But authentic, healthy, meaningful comfort is within easy reach of anyone in need, even inthe most hectic and stressful time. The Book of Comforts is a welcome, accessible source of comforting insights and comforting ideas. More than a collection of cheery aphorisms, this book offers sound comforting advice and instantly useable tips based on the life experience of a wide range of real people.

     Writer Patricia Alexander and marriage and family counselor Michael Burgos asked men and women from all walks and stages of life, "How do you comfort yourself?" Along with the refreshing and down-to-earth answers, the authors reveal their own trusted strategies and inspirational stories. The Book of Comforts focuses on bringing relief and restoring balance to the three vital areas of our humanity. It is divided into balms and energizers for the spirit, body and soul. Beautifully illustrated, it contains practical pointers and uplifting quotes.

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