“A wonderful book full of solutions! It even feels good to hold it!
— Michael Benner, Innervision, KPFK-Radio, Los Angeles, CA

“This book would be perfect for doctor’s offices, therapy waiting rooms, as gifts, and as an introduction to the healing benefits of healthy comfort.”
— Rebecca Johnson, One of the Top Five Reviewers on Amazon.com

“More than a collection of cheery aphorisms, this book offers sound comforting advice and instantly useable tips based on life experiences of a wide range of people.”
The Monthly Aspectarian

The Book of Comforts is a welcome source of comforting insights and ideas.”
Earth Star

"Patricia Alexander’s ideas are simple and yet powerful and profound. This woman has a huge heart, walks her talk – and just listening to her voice is soothing and comforting!"
— Alana Pratt, Internet Radio Host, “How Mama Got Her Groove Back”
   Los Angeles, CA