The Book of Comforts continues to provide our cancer patients and bereavement group clients with practical self-help tips to comfort the soul and guide the spirit at a time of fear and loss.”
— Monica Kahn, Helen’s Room, Cancer Patient Resource Center, Daniel Freeman Hospital, Marina Del Rey, California

"This book satisfies to the core. Patricia and Michael offer much-needed wisdom, heart, and practical skills to take good care of yourself. The title and the energy of the book are so comforting, I felt better just picking it up – and you will feel even better reading it. I know I did.”
Alan Cohen, author of A Deep Breath of Life, The Dragon Doesn’t
Live Here Anymore, Why Your Life Sucks,
and many other books

The Book of Comforts is simply a pleasure to read. The authors’ anecdotes of their personal struggles make them very real and lovable. I like these people and I feel safe to learn from them. This self-help guide flows with the warmth, sense of humor, and the acceptance of self that the authors have found – all in attainable doses.”
—Cheryl Canfield, author of
Profound Healing

The Book of Comforts is an inspirational and practical guide to putting more comfort and solace into our lives. Regardless of any external circumstances or internal struggle, this book provides a place of peace, relaxation and generative action in times of fear and insecurity. It is aptly named.”
Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., author of The Second Half of Life, The Four-Fold Way and many other books

“Comfort is no longer a luxury; it’s a survival strategy. This beautifully illustrated book graces my waiting room, inspiring clients to ask ‘What is the most loving thing I can do to take care of myself?’ A perfect complement to our therapy and coaching sessions.”
—Barbara Solomon, Psychotherapist and Life Coach, Santa Paula, California

“In her Strata series [used in The Book of Comforts], artist Dean Andrews is not just emulating the lofty fulminations of weather and atmosphere, she is capturing, reconsidering, and reinventing a visual space that has captivated humankind’s senses since our species began to reason.”
— Peter Frank, International Art Writer, Critic and Curator

"Thanks again for speaking to our group. It appeared that many of the guests were moved by your story and inspired to take action."
—Corinne Berenson, National Association of Women Business Owners

"Your presentation to our members at our monthly dinner meeting was a big hit! The forum of blending humor with thoughtful introspection by yourself and members was interactive and fun – and enlightening. Your books were also well-received. The only problem was that the time went too fast!"
— Carol Powell, President Elect, Ventura County Women's Professional Network

"Thank you so much for being our guest speaker at the National Charity League Board Retreat. You were just perfect! Everyone thought you were humorous and yet really spoke from the heart. You are so gifted with your ability to speak to groups! I was particularly impressed at how well you tailored your speech to fit our particular group." 
— Gratefully, Marila Cook
President, National Charity League, Inc.
“ Mothers & Daughters Serving Communities Together”

"Thank you for your seminar for my team members. It was very professional and informative. My team members learned a lot and enjoyed themselves. The application of this new learned knowledge will serve them, not only with our residents, but also in their personal lives – most especially in their ability to care for themselves."
— Rebecca Isibor, Health Care Coordinator/Brighton Gardens, Camarillo, California
"I want to thank Patricia for sharing her thoughts and book, The Book of Comforts, with my friends at the monthly speaker’s luncheon of The Friendship Connection. Patricia is articulate, enthusiastic, caring and dynamic. Her presentation was enjoyed by all."
— Madalyne Esrock, Ventura, California

"The women at our retreat were delighted! The Book of Comforts has been a useful tool for my own life as well as a resource for small group conversation. I found helpful ideas for me to take care of myself – and the women I have presented this too have been uplifted as well."
— Rev. Susan Gonzales Dewey, Ventura, California
" Patricia Alexander has spoken at our church several times and we find her a delight! Her talks have a "down to earth" spirituality that is truly enjoyable. She is insightful and very personable. Patricia has a gift of sharing from a "deep hearted space" that brings about encouragement and possibility to her listeners. She is this joy-filled dynamo who is also steadfast in principle. I would whole-heartedly recommend her as a guest speaker."
— Jymme W. Taylor, RScP, Camarillo Center for Spiritual Living

Comments from judges of the Benjamin Franklin Awards given by the Independent Book Publishers Association (PMA):

“This book is filled with uplifting ideas, quotes and strategies, onto which the authors put a nice spin and add their own experiences to make the reader feel comforted.  The pictures are soothing and add to the book.”
— Judge/Best New Voice

“Beautiful use of color – especially use of the Strata paintings.”
— Judge/Best Interior Design/3 or More Colors

“An attractive self-help book. Good advice with interesting anecdotes.”
— Judge/Best First Non-Fiction Book

“Excellent presentation – nice use of color.  Very well-organized.  Bravo for resisting the urge to make the book many times longer than it is.  A clear example of less being better.  This book has an intriguing cover and the bookmark is a nice touch.”
— Judge/Best Psychology/Self-Help

“Excellent!  Simply written and easily understood!”
— Judge/Best New Age/Spiritual Book