We invite you to come fly our favorite links with us!

See the fabulous work of artist/designer Dean Andrews, who actually had quite an extensive and productive life even before she joined up with Patricia and Michael!

An amazing and wise woman, Angeles Arrien is someone from whom we have learned much. We are honored to have her testimonial on the back of our book. She’s a cultural anthropologist, award-winning author, educator, and consultant, bridging cultural anthropology, psychology and comparative religions. Yes, she is fascinating! Check out her seminars, as well as her books.

Cheryl Canfield is another amazing person who counsels, teaches and helps people heal. We’re so pleased that she has grown to be our friend as well as someone who has endorsed our book. Cheryl wrote Profound Healing: the Power of Acceptance on the Path to Wellness, a down-to-earth account of her journey as she confronted – and defeated – a diagnosis of advanced cancer. A peace proponent (inner as well as outer), Cheryl is a nationally known speaker, workshop leader, phone consultant and president of Friends of Peace Pilgrim. You should read her book!


More great photos and contact information from our hotshot headshot photographer, Wayne Smith.


The official Web site for Margaret Kerry, the model for the original Tinker Bell from Walt Disney’s Peter Pan. Margaret is a fabulous and sought after humorist and motivational speaker, a terrific lady and Patricia’s dearest friend.

Our friend Linda Swisher’s site, perfect for those hobbyists looking for signed memorabilia and Disneyana items – lots of Tinker Bell stuff, too.

The wonderful and effective Maura Raffensperger, a personal productivity trainer, helped us follow our own advice to seek comfort by getting more organized. She’s a great speaker with a helpful e-mail newsletter you can sign up for on her Web site. Don’t be afraid – it can only help!

Read Patricia’s articles (sometimes as Patricia Norquist) about the leading killer of newborn babies, Group B Strep, and the work of The Jesse Cause to change the protocol so every pregnant woman is tested. (Patricia’s investigative cover story for the Ventura County Reporter was picked up by “48 Hours” on CBS – see “stories.”)

Beyondloss.org is the portal to the Global Heart. Immediate spiritual support, inspiration and resources are available for individuals at any stage of their grieving process. We are here to acknowledge you in consciousness. Every experience of grief is unique and an important part of the ongoing life process. It takes courage to grieve. We honor you for taking the first step.

Filled with tips, great articles, helpful links and even funny cartoons, SelfhelpMagazineis a service-oriented, educational online magazine published to promote the understanding of how psychology can benefit our everyday lives.
Patricia’s personal friend and mentor, Larry Kohn, with brother Bob Kohn, has created the ultimate marketing and management coaching and support services with helpful articles about how to be successful and happy in whatever field you’re in.  Larry and Bob are not only smart, they also have heart.

Wow! What a great Web site! But we would expect no less from the lovely Sheri Meyers Gantman, Psy.D.  She was a warm and welcoming host to us on her Adelphia-Los Angeles cable show where, for years, she’s been interviewing people with a heart to help.
Michael & Patricia went to Fiji to take a Mastery Training Course with Alan – and it was phenomenal! The author of many self-help books, Alan has 30 years experience – and is a blessing to all.
This is the web site for the mellow and loving Michael Benner of KPFK Radio Los Angeles, who had us in his studio for a one-hour interview. Well-known and loved, Michael offers “Podcasts” of all his radio interviews and opportunities to “get into it” with him and others on all his subjects.
Patricia has been a member of this fabulous writer’s network group, Independent Writers of Southern California, for umpteen years, as well as being a former board member. Anyone with writing skills or inclinations should check out their web site, full of member offerings and helpful resources.
The Independent Book Publishers Association, PMA, has been enormously helpful to us. Anyone looking to self-publish absolutely MUST check them out!
Another helpful organization full of articles and resources is Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network, SPAWN. We shared their booth at the UCLA Book Festival and found them delightful company.