“I initially heard the two authors being interviewed on a Pacifica radio station, and was immediately captivated by their warmth and sincerity. They have faced challenges in life, and that personal touch is very inspiring. Yes, there are tons of ‘self-help’ books out there, but this one has a very tender approach, almost as if you can feel the authors’ presence cheering you on.”
— Amazon.com-Lover / California

“This book inspired me. It is beautifully written and designed, and has precious insights. I recommend it highly.”
— Bob Kohn / Pacific Grove, California

“Paging through this wonderful book, I was struck by how simply beautiful it is. Layout is as important to me as words, and this book is not only easy to follow, but also a treat for the eyes. With a writing style that has you believing they are speaking directly to you, the authors give truly heart-warming as well as practical advice. I’m ready to buy a few more for gifts!”
— Patricia Lester / Santa Clarita, California

“A beautifully designed book. I like to keep it on my bedside table where I can access it regularly for hits of inspiration.”
— M. Diemer / Northern California

“ My absolute favorite line in your book is the one about organizing,‘Is it a burden or a blessing?’ I’ve read so many articles about organizing, getting rid of stuff, simplifying your life, etc., but that one sentence just gets right to the core of the matter.”
— Flo Selfman / Los Angeles, California

“Everything about this book is soothing. Just opening the first page brought me to a tranquil and peaceful place. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I am proud to say that much of the advice has become a necessary part of my daily life. There are so many vital life lessons waiting to be discovered in the pages of this remarkable treasure.”
— Olivia Haverly / Ventura, California

“I put the book next to my bed and thought I’d take a look before I dozed off…..LOOK? I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. and couldn’t put it down! It was breathtaking in every way. I savored every comfort-filled tidbit. Dean Andrew’s art was an amazing visual to the words and lifted the book to yet another compelling level. This collaborative trio is a winner!”
— Joan Revell Ryan / New Rochelle, New York

“I have taken The Book of Comforts with me to doctor’s appointments where I know I will have to sit and wait. Reading the lovely prose and gentle messages makes the time pass quickly and pleasurably. I have even had others ask me about the book and then copy down the title so they can find their own. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for peace and acceptance in their life.”
— Joyce S. / New York

“This is the first self-help book that I have read from cover to cover and know that I will read again many more times. I have given these books to friends and family members and they have enjoyed it as well. It’s a great book to give as a gift for all occasions.”
— Linda Wilder Triol / Camarillo, California

“I love your book! It is right beside my bed and when I read it, I am able to give myself permission to comfort myself and soothe the stresses of the day.”
— Sandra Kimmons / Lithia Springs, Georgia

“With such a busy-doing life, it only makes sense to remind ourselves to bring comfort into our lives again. This is a perfect companion for that trip you’ve been meaning to take to refresh yourself, or a great guest room addition as well. I recommend this as a wonderful gift to those you care about to show that you do indeed care!
— Kenton Bell / Sedona, Arizona

“This book offers so many ideas on how to find comfort that everyone is bound to find something that will work for them. Even the pleasure of reading is made simpler with this easy-to-hold book (and I love the ribbon page-holder!). I especially liked the personal insights offered by the authors.”
— Marta Vukovich / Los Angeles, California

“This is a great resource for all types of creative, ingenious, and common-sense ways of comforting ourselves. I find when I need comfort the most, I’m not in the frame of mind to remember all the positive means to ease the stress in my life. I’ll keep this book handy for just those times.”
— Bonnie C. / Louisville, Kentucky

“This book is truly life enhancing in that it is very helpful in the practicality and ease with which we can comfort our spirit, body and soul. Other words to describe the work of the authors and artist are inspirational, insightful, healing, creative, uplifting and fun! A definite read and a wonderful book for your family, friends and co-workers.”
— S. Dalferes / New Orleans, Louisiana