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December 30, 2006

"Self-compassion is not about losing your inner critic; it's about transforming it from a bitter,
self-destructive voice to one tempered with humor and forgiveness."     — Michael Burgos

Patricia Alexander and Michael Burgos have created a beautifully designed book with artwork by Dean Andrews. The backgrounds on each page seem to embrace the quotes, wisdom and personal experiences of the authors.

"The siren's call to 'toxic' short-lived comfort is loud and alluring and can draw out our own good instincts for comfort that is real and meaningful."  The Book of Comforts explores: comfort vs. indulgence, obsession vs. hobby and toxic vs. healing. How do you comfort yourself and not feel guilty about spending time on yourself? How can you validate yourself and validate others? By looking at stressful issues with a renewed sense of vision this book teaches you to expand your interests or even to reconsider the miracle of sleep
This book takes you a little beyond chocolate and bubble baths and explores the benefits of essential oils, like vanilla and the benefits of exercise, like yoga.

The book is divided up into three main sections:  
    Spirit . . . Body . . . Soul

Some of the chapters include:
   Cultivate a Hobby
   Unwind in Water
   Act with Self-Compassion
   Renew Your Connection with the Earth

The authors have survived numerous life challenges and have come face to face with their own needs for creative comfort. This universal need to soothe the soul is expressed beautifully in quotes, tips, anecdotes and even a cute observation from Ender the Cat. "Even humans have recognized the value of the Cat Nap, which can be done on almost any corner of a soft bed."
                                                                                                             — Ender The Cat

This book would be perfect for doctor's offices, massage therapy waiting rooms, gifts and as an introduction to the healing benefits of healthy comfort. The ribbon to keep your place is a thoughtful addition and the padded book cover makes this a comfy read. I liked the advice like: "Get Thee to a Jacuzzi" or "Take Yourself to the Movies."

While this book may inspire you to add more comfort to your own life, I found that this book could also be helpful in giving you ideas for how to provide comfort to friends and family. The section on massage may inspire you to buy someone a gift certificate for massage or you may find yourself creating CDs of soothing music or inviting a friend to go for a walk out in nature.

Patricia Alexander and Michael Burgos have written a book with ideas you can incorporate into your daily routines. Soon, you will find you are happier, more satisfied with life and enjoying each moment with a higher level of contentment.

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April 3, 2000"

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